Transponder Key And ECU Programming

Transponder key/ remote control programming

Keys/ remotes that you had previously used to start your vehicle would have already been programmed however all additional or replacement keys require matching to the vehicle management system. We are able to do this with specialist equipment

What is a Transponder?

Transponder technology has been around since 1994, a small electronic chip is embedded in the head of the key that if not recognised the vehicle will not start: as the key is turned a signal is send from the vehicle control system to the key and a reply is sent back, all this in less than a second without you knowing.

Remotes are mainly used just for the central locking system. There are a few exceptions on early systems used by companies like Renault where the remote is used to deactivate the immobiliser.

 Proximity or Intelligent keys are now more commonly used; these do not require a key to be inserted into a mechanical ignition. So when the remote is in range the car is looking for the correct  signal to allow the vehicles immobiliser system to allow starting however it is the same technology as described above and there is a position located in the vehicle where the key can be placed to de-activate should the remote fail.  All systems require a computer to be connected to the vehicle to program new keys.

We are also able to program ECU’s and control units to certain vehicles